The Three Best Casino Stories Of All Time


These Stories Will Have Your Jaw Hit The Casino Floor


At casino’s, ordinary individuals like us may get free beverages for betting without end our well deserved cash. Sadly, this doesn’t happen on online gambling sites from other places such as Slotsmillion Casino in Europe or 918kiss, Malaysia. However, it is the hot shots who the gambling clubs truly depend on to manufacture their colossal benefits. With that benefits being tossed around, there are absolutely some astonishing betting stories that we would like to share it with you:



Akio Kashiwagi, a real estate investor big shot from Japan who is said to have had connections to the Yakuza, was one of the greatest club whales of all. He earned himself the epithet, “The Warrior” and routinely bet two hundred dollar on a solitary hand of baccarat, which is among the most prominent gambling club games for hot shots, in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Monte Carlo.

In mid 1990, he was tricked to Atlantic City by another land magnate, Donald Trump, to play at one of Donald Trump’s three clubs there. Apparently, in only two evenings Kashiwagi won about $6m of Trump’s cash. However, Donald would have the last giggle, as he made an arrangement with Kashiwagi to return and bet $12m until he either multiplied it or lost everything. After $10M in lost, he gave it up and went to Japan while as yet owing Trump cash.

It is assessed that Kashiwagi owed as much as $15m in betting obligations to different gambling club proprietors, and this could be one reason why, in 1992, he was discovered dead in his home, wounded multiple times with a samurai sword. His executioner has never been found. Discussion about insane gambling club whale stories – this one might be the craziest of all!



Poker master Phil Ivey is known for being one of, if not the absolute best, poker player in the whole world. And keeping in mind that poker might be a round of ability, where it’s smarter to be great than fortunate, Ivey additionally prefers to hit the gambling club floors with gigantic heaps of money to perceive how fortunate he is. An energetic craps player, he has been known to travel to five distinct club in five unique urban communities on super “craps visits”, wagering $100k on each move of the shakers.

Notwithstanding, it appears that Ivey may have more than karma going for him at the tables. In 2012, he won around $11m in one staggering baccarat session at London’s Crockfords club. This came only a couple of months after he won $9.6m at the Borgata gambling club in Atlantic City. Crockfords, in any case, wouldn’t pay, expressing that Ivey was utilizing a procedure called ‘edge arranging’ to foresee which cards would be managed straightaway. Ivey sued the club for his rewards, and it still can’t seem to be resolved if Ivey bamboozled or if his success was one of history’s extraordinary hot shot stories.



Terrance Watanabe was a man who made his fortune as the beneficiary to his dad’s gathering supply import company. He is likewise the subject of one of our insane gambling club stories. The Nebraska tycoon treated his cash with indistinguishable absence of consideration from his clients treated the shoddy plastic knickknacks he got rich selling. Terrance Watanabe wound up a standout amongst the most looked for after whales in the whole world since he cherished betting, but since then, he’s been awful at it.

There is no real way to know for certain, however it is evaluated that Watanabe lost roughly $220m, the greater part of his fortune, in gambling clubs in a five-year extent from 2003-2007, with him losing an astonishing $127m in 2007 alone. For a period he essentially lived in different club hot shot suites, his top picks being the Wynn, Rio, and Caesar’s Palace. Watanabe was known to bet while drunk, play recreations with tremendous house edges like roulette or spaces, and settle on imbecilic choices at the blackjack table. He routinely lost $5m every day, and wound up being banned from most gambling clubs for his intoxicated conduct and failure to pay his obligations.