What Do You Do When You Get 15 Big Blinds and Below in a Poker Game?

What Do You Do When You Get 15 Big Blinds and Below in a Poker Game?

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Many players, especially those that are still new to playing poker as the new alternative to malaysia online casino, tense up when they reach a relatively small stack like getting theirs to 15 big blinds and below. The truth is that getting to a relatively short stack of chips actually makes the game much easier to play since you can easily read the situation and the moves that you have to make are fairly limited.

In this article, I will go over some tips to help you know what to do should you reach a certain level of chip stack during a game of poker.

1. 11-15 Big Blinds

What Do You Do When You Get 15 Big Blinds and Below in a Poker Game?When your stack reaches this small, you are unable to do a raise since your stack is already too depleted to do so and you cannot do a fold to save yourself.

You also cannot risk losing your entire stack on poor holdings as well.

If you are currently in the early position, you would want to stick with your very best cards.

You have to discard the AQ off-suit and KQ suited while you’re in the under the gun position and you also want to stay away from the smaller or lower-valued cards.

Once you reach the late position, the opportunities just become more favorable to you. Just make sure that you do not go too crazy or you run the risk of losing the entire game.

If you get to play against the right opponents, you can do a short raise or even go limp with some Aces or Kings if you are certain that the others will do a raise. During your next turn, you can go all-in.

2. 10 Big Blinds

The game has just become so easy now. Given the current stack, you can play some good clean poker wherein players cannot do or make an exploit to win.

To help you win when you reach this level of chip stack, I highly recommend that you study the chart that is found on pushfoldcharts.com. Or better yet, you can just have that chart printed or saved to your phone so you can look at it to help you devise your strategy.

Even though the chart on the website I’ve given you provides you with all of the possible “unexploitable” ranges, there are still some fine tuning that you need to do in order to secure a win.

3. 6 Big Blinds

When you reach this number, you can safely raise even if the chart suggests otherwise. The reason is that with six big blinds left, it is just about as low as you can raise and still expect people to fold to your raises.

Once you go below 6, people are then going to be calling the game very loosely such as only playing with two cards and the profit that people can get from folding reduces to absolutely nothing.

4. Under 5

What Do You Do When You Get 15 Big Blinds and Below in a Poker Game?When you reach this level, people will expect you to get called when you decide to go all-in.

At this stage, it would still be a correct play if you push most of your cards here because some players would still fold their trash cards incorrectly.

But, do note that you also have to assess the player’s skill levels.

Some veteran players might know what they’re doing and they might not do the moves that you thought they would do, leaving you with a more unfavorable outcome.